"Our trip to the Philippines is all due to Wheel Estate"

After his wife saw an ad on Facebook, Roberto was intrigued. Already looking into renting out his trailer on his own, Roberto liked Wheel Estate better as it had everything included and he loved that the owners of the company were local. Getting his trailer up on the site was very easy. “Really it was so straightforward to share what I expect from the guest and what they can expect from me,” Roberto explained.

When Roberto rented out his trailer for the first time, he was nervous as he didn’t know what to expect. But after it was returned in good condition, his nervousness subsided.  And thank goodness it did as Roberto ended up booking the trailer out nearly every single weekend over the summer season – with the exception of two times when his family used it for their own fun!

“I am very proud to say that my trailer has nine five-star ratings. I provide very friendly service and always try to be accommodating for the pickup. I even like to give a gift basket. I had these guests from Wisconsin. They had driven three days as they wanted to tour Banff and Jasper.  I made them a little basket of various things representing Canada (including maple syrup!) so they would remember the trip. They loved it! And they are going to send us some Wisconsin cheese back!”

The money Roberto has made from Wheel Estate has been instrumental in helping him pay off the trailer faster. And he also plans on using the money to take his family on a trip to the Philippines where he and his wife are originally from. “The money will help me show my kids where I was born. They’ve seen pictures and are really excited to go to the beach!”

Roberto loves Wheel Estate so much that he is looking into purchasing a second trailer that he can rent out through the site as well. This time around he is thinking of getting a smaller bunk house. “This size would be easier for vans to pull. I want something that is more accessible to everyone.”

It all boils down to the customer service for Roberto. “I love the fact that the head office is super fast in answering queries. I rate them a 10 out of 10 for that.” That customer service also came into play when Roberto had one minor issue with a guest forgetting to clean the trailer. However, with the support of the Wheel Estate team, he was promptly paid the cleaning fee and everything was resolved.

Roberto has some big travel plans of his own with his trailer. Up next, he is looking at visits to Vancouver, Montana and even Arizona with his family.

If you’d like to check out his popular trailer, please visit his listing here.  

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