Last week WE took a look at how to initiate the process of a website for your trailer rental business. In this post, we will summarize pulling it altogether with social media, what content and information is relevant and how to set up Wheel Estate as your "paypal" to finalize your transactions.

WE will try our best to do a quick guide here, just bear in mind, these are ideas for you to amplify your rental business and that each of you can take this to any level. has a massive help section to help beyond the basics! If you do decide to house your business all on your own page, you do still need that killer listing on the Wheel Estate page and will need to ensure that your page engages and directs customers to book properly. It will be a marketing project you will need to keep up to date and if used properly can be a powerful tool for both you and your renters.  

WE assume you have read part one and if not - check it out here. WE also hope you have taken the time to push buttons and explore your dashboard and get teh lay of the land of your site! Once you have signed up to to host your site and have gone through the setup process, then it is time to connect all the dots. For the sake of examples and photos, WE have created a rough  website for a team member's 1973 Travelaire and the site is called "That Seventies Tow." 

Here goes.....


WE touched on customizing in our last post and now WE are going to take it one step further! You have now chosen your theme and it is time to add personality with content and navigation with menus. WordPress support is a super handy place with all kinds of help on this - check out this link for more detailed instructions. WORDPRESS WALKTHROUGH TUTORIAL WE will attempt to guide you on the relevant RV content side of things!

1. PAGES AND MENUS: You will need to set up your pages and menus and those menus house your content in an organized way. Suggested and simple page titles (page tiles become your menu titles) are:


These of course are suggestions. You may feel the need to add others as you grow or add personality and imagination to your menu headings. 


side note: There are 2 ways to create and edit pages on WordPress. The old way which in through the back end on the admin dashboard or through their new and "improved" editor. The new editor allows for instant visual customization which new users may find easier to use. For some of us old users - the dashboard just seems to be the way to go because like a good, old horse, we are well trained!

2. GET INTERESTING! WE have already urged you to create a personality for the trailer, the name and listing - now show that off on your website! Tell your story, be authentic and factual. You can create your content as you create each page that subsequently creates your navigation menus. Remember, you can change anything at any time. So play and adjust. Check out the Wheel Estate page for any information you can bring to your site to convey the trusted community aspect and inform about the insurance around renting your trailer.

3. TAKE A CRUISE. Remember to explore through your site settings on the dashboard. You can also customize the messages people receive when they follow your site, as well as how the posts and pages are shared. You can set the privacy of your site, time zone and which page the journal entries or blog posts appear on. On our sample site, we set the home page as a static page and set the TRAVEL DIARY as the blog post page. 


Because you are set up with all your insurance, calendar and payment with your listing on Wheel Estate, it is important that you connect your listing on Wheel Estate as your transaction or "paypal" page. On your RENT page, simply copy and paste your Wheel Estate listing link. WE did it on That Seventies Tow site as an image however WE used an existing listing to connect to for now since our trailer is not yet verified. When the potential renter clicks on the link or the image with the link, it will direct them to your Wheel Estate listing where they can request to book. See image below.


WE posted about gaining ground with using social media to share share share your trailer not too long ago. Be sure to put your social handles and links on your CONTACT US page. Some themes even have a spot designated in a space on every page where the social icons can be shown for easy access.

Also make sure that your journal / blog is connected to your social media. Every time you publish a blog it has the potential to go to your followers list on your blog as well as direct itself with an automated post to your social media platforms.

WE know this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of creating a website for your trailer. There are so many options and ideas and it is hard to narrow the scope down, however WE really hope that this is enough to stir the pot on amplifying your own marketing efforts for your rental business.'s help section is dynamite and as always, the team here at Wheel Estate is here to help. So any questions, or suggestions, WE are happy to assist!