WE know! It is tough to talk camping when the temperatures are minus 100 and the weather channels are talking “up a storm” about storms here across Canada, but with Parks Canada opening up their camping reservations NOW, why not stir the motivational pot a bit and set some goals!?

1. GET LOST OFTEN! Yes - WE mean it!

Go - get lost and love it! We don't just mean getting off the beaten path and taking the dirt roads either. Although we do think that is also a good idea! Go discover new destinations. Do you camp at the same old same old spots? Yes - they are lovely and easy, but how about making some new memories and start with choosing a new view? There are a plethora of campgrounds across North America all waiting for you to plant yourself around the campfire.

Create that camping bucket list and start scratching it off one by one! And while you are at it, why not start that travel journal for all the new memories you will be making!?  Get off the digital, go old school and create something to look back on years later. IF you have kids - get them involved in this keepsake making. WE are in awe and inspired by this amazing travel journal by @Naomi.artsagram...


There’s not much that can compare to the satisfaction of accomplishing a hike or the exhilarating rush from trying a new adventure. While you are busy planning your new destinations to try, have a look at what peaks you can bag, what rivers you can kayak or maybe there’s a nearby ceramics studio where you can get down and dirty learning to make pottery? Some campgrounds even operate their own adventures, have rentals like kayaks and canoes or work with local adventure companies to package memorable adventures!

                                                         Go exploring on kayaks. Photo: Travel Alberta / Roth & Ramberg

                                                            Tackle a list of trails to hike. Photo: Travel Alberta / Hubert Kang


Those of us who spend time living in the woods, know the benefits of breathing in Mother Nature’s sweetness and how getting outside is “ahhhhhhh-some” for the soul. So how about sharing the health benefits of RV camping with friends and family!? With peer to peer travel trailer sharing, all campers (new and seasoned) can try RV camping with ease and maybe even get "hooked!" So take that friend camping - show them how its done and most of all - have fun - after all you are sharing the best of times with friends!

Use peer to peer rentals as a way to test a variety of types and styles of trailers so one day it may be in the cards to purchase an RV perfect in every way. And if you are at the point of purchasing that perfect RV? Check out GoRVING to steer you to the right dealer in your area. Of course one could offset the costs of an RV trailer purchase by listing it with your fun and friendly peer to peer rental specialists - Wheel Estate *shameless plug*

                                                       Share the benefits - inspire others to camp! Photo: Travel Alberta / Curtis Comeau 


January weather got you down? Go pre-pack for your camping trips! Not only will you reduce your stress later on, you will also get all fuzzy thinking about your trip. We all know how poor planning and disorganization goes when you are looking to haul your hind end out of town at 5:00 on a Friday! Be better than that! Organize bins of your camping gear so it is sorted for quick grab and go. When that first trip - that seemed like a lifetime away - suddenly appears, you my friend, are ready, armed with a plan and your bins. All you need to do is get your food sorted (see resolution #5!) This resolution helps us to remove some of the frantic, thereby adopting the ideal of “no rush to relax” or so we hope. Create your own customize packing  / inventory list or visit Pinterest for list and storage inspiration. 

                                                                                          Free download at Must Have Mom


Part of the joy in camping for some is the challenge of preparing food in the forest. For others, not so much! Hot dogs and marshmallows it is again tonight! Knowing what to pack and what to prepare in advance can help you become a camp cook star and let’s face it - maybe feel a bit healthier. Of course Wheel Estate would like to help you with that star status. Take a gander at some ideas WE put together for you on our In the Pot pinterest page here.  


Our world today is a constant bombardment of information, things to do, fear of missing out, half hearted connections, it goes on and on. We cannot say it enough - camping helps you disconnect so you can reconnect. If your resolutions are to spend more time with loved ones, pack up and go to the woods, the mountains, the lake.....just go camping. If you resolve get away from the influx of the internet and take social media breaks…..go camping. You want to breath deeper, find clarity, explore your mind and heart, get quiet, find self resilience…..go camping. It's good for you! 

Sharing Happiness and High Fives

~ The WE Camp Collective ~