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The WE Camp Collective


WE do hook ups. That's right - WE specialize in hooking up adventurers to RV Trailer rentals and help send them on their merry way into the wilderness. In doing this WE also help rentrepreneurs make income on their idle asset. With two very large audiences in the outdoor adventure and camping markets (renters and rentees) and at least four wheels into the peer to peer market place and the world of entrepreneurship, WE have a voice. With that voice, WE are able to work with various partners and brands that match the way WE roll.

Not only do WE have opportunities for influencers, marketers and writers, The WE Camp Collective is also media. WE are always looking for adventures and experiences to try out and share with our community. WE love to check out new campgrounds, gear to get you there and everything and anything related to the outdoor world.