Hi everyone,

WheelEstate.ca is live, so we figured it’s a great time to introduce ourselves and share our story. 

Wheel Estate is Canada’s first peer-to-peer travel trailer rental marketplace. Simply put, we believe renting a travel-trailer should be an easy, enjoyable, safe experience for everyone. 

Like many products, Wheel Estate was born to solve someone’s problem — our founders’ problem, in fact. 
Husband and wife team Chad and Cherie Ball owned a successful construction company in Calgary. In 2008, the financial crisis hit hard. They wanted to take their family on vacation that summer but cash flow was tight, so they asked their neighbour if they could rent his travel trailer for an affordable week away from home.
Their neighbour was excited about the idea of making money from his trailer when it would otherwise just be sitting there gathering dust and rust. Chad and Cherie were excited about a trailer vacation with the family. Everything was set. 

But then they discovered why there’s never been a peer-to-peer travel-trailer rental service in Canada before. 


As soon as money changes hands in a rental situation, insurance gets…complicated. So complicated that it killed their vacation. But an idea was born in its place. 

What if there was a service where you could list or rent a trailer, without having to worry about getting a whole new insurance policy? 

For the next few years, Chad and Cherie worked tirelessly developing a travel-trailer sharing marketplace that benefitted owners and renters, worked within government regulations and solved the travel-trailer insurance issue once and for all. Wheel Estate can confidently say that they have an industry first 1M insurance policy unlike any seen before in Canada. 

Now Wheel Estate has launched, and we’re so excited to share it with the world! 

Finally there’s a solution for renters to enjoy a worry-free travel-trailer getaway without having to invest tens of thousands of dollars. And for trailer owners, Wheel Estate is a wonderful way to earn some passive income from an asset that would otherwise be locked up in storage for most of the year. Even we can’t wait to use it! 

Our goal through Wheel Estate is to connect people online, and bring them together offline. We want to be the catalyst for meaningful and memorable experiences. We want to share our beautiful country with the world, and help grow the peer-to-peer ecosystem that’s changing the world. 

This journal will be where we celebrate this brave new world of travel-trailer rentals by sharing stories, news, tips & tricks, travel destinations, experiences, contests and much, much more. 

We hope you’ll follow along and share your journeys with us. We also hope you’ll make new friends, experience amazing new things and put some extra money in your pockets. 

Thanks for reading, and thanks for checking out Wheel Estate.
List. Rent. Relax

♥ Wheel Estate