Happy Holidays, Friends!!

It’s our absolute pleasure to reveal the winners of the Wheel Estate 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

First of all, we’ve been thrilled to share 12 incredible giveaways as a huge THANK YOU to all of you who support and love Wheel Estate.

We hope you loved the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways as much as we have!  Congratulations to all the winners! Drumroll please…

Day 1: Heart Print Threads $125 Gift Card Winner – Stephanie Warthe
Original Photo: Kevin Stiles
Day 2: Tentree $100 Gift Card Winner – Gabrielle Farmer
Day 3: East Coast Lifestyle Crewneck Winner – Suzanne Lsleifson
Day 4: Cineplex Bundle Winner – Billie Chan
Day 5: Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Winner – Ashley Olsen
Day 6: 22 Fresh $50 Gift Card Winner -Andy Fenwick
Day 7: Bar Country Pocket Cocktails Party Kit Winner – Ken
Original Photo: Joseph Roams
Day 8: Lazy One $100 Gift Card Winner – Annabelle Choong
Day 9: Herschel $75 Gift Card Winner – Eliz Trieu
Day 10: Saje Wellness Into the Woods Gift Set Winner – Jeanne Lem
Day 11: Camp Brand Goods $75 Gift Card Winner – Jeff Pak
Day 12: $250 WE Bucks Winner – Sharyse Wilson
Oh, and since we have your attention…
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Happy Holidays! With Love from WE to You!