"With WE my trailers are idle no more"

Tim Fauser of Calgary, Alberta, can't understand why some people leave their trailers just sitting in storage lots 50 weeks out of the year. He’s owned a Hybrid trailer going on three seasons now. It’s his getaway from the city when he and the family want to make a quick escape, an all-weather shelter when camping in the great outdoors and a makeshift man cave to hang out with friends. While Tim uses his trailer more than most, every long weekend, two weeks a year for a big family vacation and one week with his annual baseball team – that still leaves a lot of idle time spent parked in his backyard costing him money.

Where There’s a WE There’s a Way

Sure, he’d considered owning a rental property before, but every time he did he’d shrug it off deciding the money to start on something like that was too much. That is, until Tim found out about Wheel Estate. It all started when he was checking in on a community Facebook group and a post popped up asking, …have a trailer just sitting there and want to make some money on it? He sent an inquiry and was impressed with the response from the owner, remarking on how honest her answers were and how obvious it was that the company did their due diligence, figuring everything out in advance so he wouldn’t have to. “There was no question they’d thought about and made sure every owner and renter would be covered.” Tim rests easy with the rental process knowing that Wheel Estate takes care of the mess of paperwork that comes along with finding the right coverage. “They took seven years getting their insurance policy nailed down so I don’t have to do anything extra as an owner, and yet am fully covered when my trailer goes out with someone else.” 

First Rental Jitters to Pro Trainer

  Tim describes first renting his trailer as terrifying and exciting all at once. While the welfare of his vehicle is always covered, he’s extra thorough in ensuring renters know how to handle the trailer when he’s not around. He runs through a 60-90 min orientation to make sure they are completely comfortable. “It’s exciting because a lot of the time the parents bring their kids to the orientation and are just thrilled that they’re about to go camping. You can tell that if it wasn’t for Wheel Estate, they probably wouldn’t be getting that experience. Even the adults are super excited and so appreciative that even though they own a tiny little 4-cylinder car, they can now enjoy a 29ft trailer.”

Since signing up last year, Tim’s trailer has been gone from his yard more than it’s been parked there, and he enjoys the support of Wheel Estate staff who get just as excited as he does for each new booking.

The New Sharing Network

Tim knows from experience that if you have any questions it’s easy to send a note to the site and ask anything. Along with Wheel Estate staff expertise, there’s a long list of owners more than willing to share their experiences just like him. To those who might be considering renting their own trailers, he advises: “Do it. Why not? It's free to sign up and see if anything’s going to happen. Then when it does, you’ll be blown away by how much interest there is out there in this new peer to peer trailer sharing community.” The listing process for renting his trailer was so easy that Tim decided to do it again with his newest hard-walled bunk house addition. “The amount of rentals I had last year far surpassed my hopes, never mind any expectations I had. Last year went so well that this year when we were going to upgrade our trailer - instead of trading it in, we kept it, bought a second one and now rent both of them on the site.” Instead of taking a giant hit on trading their first trailer in when they moved up to one that suited the family better, they were able to keep it as a means to pay for the second one. Now with two trailers listed on the Wheel Estate site, both will be paid off soon and after that Tim says they’ll put their profits toward winter beach vacations or maybe buying more trailers and starting a whole fleet.

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