Local Laundry is a community-based clothing company that aims to build community in everything that we do. We want to be Canada’s best company at building community through our five pillars of community: representing where you come from, sharing stories from the community, collaborating with other people wanting to have a positive impact on their community and by giving back to our community through local charities. Each month we will donate 10% of our profits to a local cause that our customers help us choose. Our latest pillar is making the transition and commitment to only produce Made in Canada clothing to support Canadian manufacturing, Canadian jobs, a diversified Canadian economy as well as protecting the environment.

Local Laundry was started with just an idea, clothing that represents where you come from and that builds community. We weren’t fashion designers, social media savants or local influencers, we just Googled “how to build a T-shirt company?” and watched a YouTube video. Next thing you know, after working on it for a few years it’s become a full-time job. We didn’t know the first thing about e-commerce or shirt production or anything. We kind of just figured everything out and we still do to this day. When we started, we focused strongly on using the clothing to build community, bring people together and do good.


Local Laundry Co-Owners – Dustin Paisley (Left) & Connor Curran (Right)

We try to differentiate Local Laundry by leveraging social media to share stories and connect people, working closely with members of the digital community, telling stories from the community and focusing on giving back. We are always working with a wide variety of community builders, such as photographers, videographers, artists, small businesses, and influencers and are relentless in planning photoshoots, content creation, and more.

When you work with a ton of different people who have an impact on the community in many different ways, it allows you to engage with a wider type of audience. Our favourite thing about the business is how it has become a vehicle to meet other passionate people who want to make a positive impact in the community, whether through their art, business or personal efforts.

One of Local Laundry’s ways that we give back to the community is called the YYC Small Business Towel Drive. Where we try to raise awareness and donations for towels amongst the shelters in Calgary who are in dire need of towels.

When was the last time you got out of the shower and didn’t have a towel to drive off? It’s a horrible feeling!

While some can simply go get a towel from the linen closet, that is not the reality for far too many Calgarians. The city’s shelters and the at-risk population do not have enough towels for adequate hygiene, and while it may seem like a small thing, the thought of going without a towel after a shower leaves you cold – in more ways than one.

After seeing an article from The Mustard Seed on the need for towel donations, we realized the need all shelters and homeless agencies have for towels for their clients. Which is why we wanted to bring attention to the lack of towels and utilize our network to try and get as many towels into these shelters as we can. Our goal is to absolutely stuff them with towels so that they never have to ask for them again!

We don’t try to do it ourselves but rather encourage other small businesses to give as well. So far to date, we’ve collected over 3000 towels to donate to these shelters.

Our most recent adventure was making the transition to all made-in-Canada products. We as Canadians need to start supporting all types of Canadian manufacturers such as clothing, food, beer etc. with our hearts and wallets as much as we can. Every time you decide to purchase something that is Made right here in Canada you are voting in favour of Canadian businesses and Canadian manufacturing of all types.

By supporting Made in Canada products, you are supporting products which are often of better quality, will last longer, and with the knowledge that you’re typically supporting small businesses, closer to home, which keeps more money in the country and goes a long way to help keep manufacturing alive here. Additionally, Made in Canada manufacturing companies are subject to familiar, comparatively transparent and Canadian labour and environment standards and these manufacturers are often less prone to corruption and subversion than in other countries.

st that this country has to offer and instilling that sense of pride and support that only comes from supporting local Canadian manufacturing and a diverse Canadian economy.

So far it’s been an amazing journey and we can’t wait to see where else it takes us. We hope to continue to build community, give back, share stories, represent where people come from and to support Canadian made clothing.

Find us at – www.locallaundry.ca or on Instagram at @locallaundry

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