On Saturday, January 27th, the WE team set up outside the Calgary Drop In Centre (a homeless shelter in downtown Calgary) with our trailer, some Tim Horton's hot chocolate and we delivered as much warmth as we could gather. 

For the past month we have been making the effort to fill the Wheel Estate RV Trailer to the brim with donations of jackets, snowpants, blankets, hats, mitts, scraves, socks and anything else that could help provide warmth to those in need on the frigid months of an Alberta winter.

This year, Wheel Estate and our communities along with other trailer owners, family and friends, were able to fill 300 re-usable sportsack drawstring bags for Calgary's homeless and several large bags of extra donations on top of the donated jackets and blankets. That is double the amount we did last year!



When we started this business many years ago, it was always meant to be about the experience. The term HAPPY CAMPER has a lot of truth behind it! We want to create experiences within our community and business that are positive, share worthy and inclusive. The warmth and "kumbiya" so to speak that occurs around the campfire - that essence of community, collective of shared good times, sharing happiness and high fives - that is really what we want to deliver. 

With that "kumbiya" in mind, our We Care Campaign, is a way to create meaning and to give back, not just for us, but for you, our trailer rentrepreneurs and also our adventureers - the trailer renters. This peer to peer sharing industry naturally makes us all a team. We Care, now an annual event, is intended to be a way our business can bring more warmth to that fire.   


Homelessness is a very serious problem across Canada that is clearly in need of solutions, especially when you consider the climate across our country. With the temperatures dropping below zero, it's more than about keeping the homeless warm. It's letting them know that they are not alone and that WE care. For many, the winter months are also the loneliest times of the year. With every donation of a jacket or a scarf, it is like giving a warm hug all winter long.   

This past Saturday, standing in -17C with a bone chilling wind, handing out the donations to people, some only with flipflops on their feet, really drove home the WHY for us. We listened to personal journeys. We shared hugs, smiles, laughter, tears......we know this is something we will always do and most certainly hope better solutions come forward some day. 




WE can't do it alone! Not only did our local communities of Okotoks and Calgary really step it up, but several businesses contributed in BIG ways! We would like to take this opportunity to share high fives with those who helped us deliver on this campaign. Thank you so very much for helping. We hope you will join us again next year! 


Okotoks Rec Centre
for our Donation Station

Calgary Delta South Hotel
for our Donation Station

Sock Rocket
for donating 300 pairs of warm socks

Stonewater Homes
for sponsoring to help meet our goal of filling 300 bags


Tim Hortons - East Village
Ryan McCullum - 2 large carafes of Hot Chocolate


Lakeview Inns & Suites - Okotoks
for all of your donations


Trailer Rentrepreneur - Tim Fauser
for joining us on one of our donation station days and always being a helping hand! 


And the local media for helping to spread the word: 

CBC & CBC Radio
CTV Calgary
Global Calgary
Okotoks Online - The Eagle